Strength in unity: this is what the Italia del Vino consortium stands for. Today it represents one of the most important and solid groups dedicated to the internationalisation of Italian wine.
The association’s members include some of the industry’s most significant wineries and groups. Across the globe they promote the Italian winemaking industry and the fundamental values of Italian Lifestyle.
Our numbers
1.2 Worth of sales
0Worth of sales
2500 Employees (number)
0Employees (number)
180 Bottles (million)
0Bottles (million)
9 Total Italian Exports
0Total Italian Exports
11000 Vineyards (ha)
0Vineyards (ha)
16 Regions
21 companies
Territory and wineries
All because the great, beautiful vineyards of Italy merit being illustrated down to their tinniest detail. Those that have accepted this undertaking are 21 of the most important and historic wineries, choosing our consortium also signifies choosing a part of Italy’s history.